Media Wave Studios is making a comeback!

Hey guys, welcome to our first of many newsletters. These will also be delivered via email to those who subscribe to our new newsletter service in the coming weeks. In the monthly newsletters, we will discuss latest projects, new ideas and all the latest updates within the studio.  So let’s kick off this newsletter with some new updates.

First up, we’re going to be releasing lots of new content over the coming weeks, including lets plays, podcasts and introducing live streams. We have been working on re-organising our team to allow for this new flow of content and we now feel confident that we’re ready for the next step. Our live streams will be one of the last things we will be introducing before Christmas however we can safely say that they should be starting early December.

Moving on to lets play content, this content is due to start as of next week with production already underway. Alongside lets plays, we have our very own D&D series in the works with Brice Barns leading the show. The show is currently still in production and we don’t have a release date as of yet. Keep an eye out for an announcement article on our site for further news on this. As far as site content goes, we will be releasing more content on our site as of the start of next week following a new update to the site’s layout which will include optimised support for mobile devices.

Moving on to Media Wave news. We now have an update on our Creators Connect platform we announced a few months back. We are going to be working on a new channel and site page for our partners to upload their content to. On top of this we are working on a whole new back-end platform for our content creators to use to get guidance, tips and talk to one of our members of staff when producing their own content so they can get the best reach possible for their content. We will also be rolling out a new application form for people to join our Creators Connect service. Creators Connect is set to debut as of mid December. Stay tuned to our site for more updates.

For now, that’s everything. We’re so excited for the journey that lies ahead for us, we hope you’ll enjoy it too. Make sure you subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get more updates like this one and become a member on our site to never miss a moment of our new content starting next week!


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