Outlast is a game based on making you cry at night.

Jokes aside, Outlast is a first-person survival horror game developed and published by Red Barrels. The game revolves around a freelance reporter called Miles Upshur, You as Miles Upshur go and investigate a remote psychiatric hospital found deep in the mountains of Colorado filled to the brim with homicidal patients.

Outlast has received a lot of praise for its new innovative horror style of gameplay.

Let’s get down to the game itself, there is a campaign and a DLC called The Whistle Blower (but that will be a different review).

You the player get an anonymous tip that inhumane experiments are going on in the hospital called Mount Massive Asylum, an original name I know right, owned by Murkoff corporation. You turn up to the front gate with your trusty camera with not 1 but 2 AA batteries, which by the way the battery life is just as good as a fish out of water, and a notepad. You do some trespassing get some sweet camera angles of the asylum and find your way in, you find yourself looking around the main hall and stumble upon a library and receive your first cardiac arrest. Inside you find a body of a SWAT team member, only to give you the second cardiac arrest of the game, he tells you to get out while you can, any normal person would bail and go home and cry into a bucket of non-copyrighted ice cream.

But fear not you the fearless reporter that you are, you enter the main hall only to be interrupted by Chris Walker, a big guy with no lips and a great rump, you are then thrown into the arms of a priest only for him to tell you that you’re his answer for the madness that lays deep DEEP inside Mount Massive Asylum. That is where you truly begin, you fight your way through a series of puzzles, dark rooms, sewers and new enemies with their own backstories all linked to a mysterious figure called Walrider.

Walrider is the final horror that appears throughout the game as a ghostly figure fading in and out of not just the game but also Miles Upshur’s thoughts so be ready.

I would love to dish more about this game but it’s an experience that you must have on your own or watch someone play it, insert shameless plug here.

My rating on this game

9 out 10 on the poop my pants I’m going to have to change myself.

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